2018/19 has proved the most successful year to-date for Spennymoor Town Council when allocating Community Grants.

In 2016/17 it granted £7,730, in 2017/18 £8,677.86 and this year has seen a total of £15,735.30 allocated.

Some of those receiving funding included Churches Together for Love Spenny Day, which was a huge success, The Town Gala Committee for Gala Day and also to assist with the Annual Bus Trip for the elderly to the seaside and Byers Green Fun Day – upcoming events that are sure to be fantastic if past years are to go by.

Cllr Kevin Thompson, Spokesperson, said that whilst £15,000 was allocated, the Council agreed that the requests received this year were all worthy causes and would benefit the communities of Spennymoor, so supported a small overspend of £15,735.30. However, this does mean that the grant fund is now closed for this year and the council will now review the funding programme to improve it for the next financial year.


Previous Grants


and Flower tubs.

The Town Council, on an annual basis, works in partnership with local businesses and the community to improve the appearance of the Town and villages. One of the ways we do this is by offering ‘partnership’ arrangements where you can part fund a tub planter or a hanging basket. The council will purchase and put in place the item, all we ask is that you water and nurture it once it is in place.
If you would like to place an order please complete the form below.

The charges to companies are detailed; Oak Tub Planter at £20 each, Hanging Basket at £15 each