The Council aims likes to keep the public informed of issues of interest via regular press releases. Please find details of previous press releases below.

Merchant Navy Day Preview
From the Shipyard to the Canvas Preview
Green Fingered Residents Donate to Town Council Preview
Spennymoor Town Council 4Jul15 Preview
Young People Awards 10th Oct 2015 Preview
Splash Hit Gala 18th Jul 2015 Preview
Town Council Increase Public Access to Cemeteries 9th May 2015 Preview
Towns Tribute to Famous Artist 11th Apr 2015 Preview
Stop A While at Spennymoor 11th Apr 2015 Preview
Youth Council 12th Sep 2015 Preview
Youth Support Project Launches in Spennymoor 26th Sept 2015 Preview
Surprise Suprise 26th Sept 2015 Preview
STC-Consultation QuestionnaireV3 Preview
Public Consultation issue 298 SNews 15Aug15 Preview
Spennymoor Celebrates Armed Forces Day 4Jul15 Preview
Spennymoor Goes to Town 12Sep15 Preview
School Conference Celebrates Investors 18Jul15 Preview
Pupils Rise to the Challenge 18Jul15 Preview
Snow Showers Turn Golden 25Apr15 Preview
Plants and Prizes 10Oct15 Preview
Press Release - 25 Nov 15 Preview
Put Your Heads Together 11Apr15 Preview
Press Releases Preview
One Small Step 26Sept15 Preview
Miners Gala 18Jul 15 Preview
Lothian House Dignity Action Day 14Feb15 Preview
Mayoral Handover Brings Changes 6Jun15 Preview
Mayor Visits Towns Freedom Troops 6Jun15 Preview
Personal Assistant Advert 14Feb15 Preview
New Nostalgia Exhibitions at Art Gallery 9May15 Preview
Picture Presentation 6Jun15 Preview
Knit Remember Poppy Patterns Preview
Mayor Charity Boost 11Apr15 Preview
Family Come Together to Celebrate 90th Birthday 28Mar15 Preview
Gallery Opens Trio of New Exhibitions 6Feb15 Preview
European Role for Local Schools 28Mar15 Preview
Family Celebrations 12Sept15 Preview
Golf for Tudhoe Moor Couple 28Mar15 Preview
Connecting Classrooms Across the Word 10Oct15 Preview
Joyce Golden Joy 11Apr15 Preview
Diamond in a Single Setting 11Apr15 Preview
Civic Service 26Sept15 Preview
Daleside Show Success 12Sept15 Preview
Bob Abley Gallery 14Feb15 Preview
Bob Abley Gallery 18Jul15 Preview
A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good 25th Apr 2015 Preview
Blue House Farm Kirk Merrington Preview
90 Happy Returns 4th Jul 2015 Preview

Press Releases 18/08/2016