Spennymoor Town Council’s mission is “to engage with residents, working with all to make Spennymoor a better place for us all to live.”

The Council has identified 5 goals that form the landscape within which the detailed aims and objectives will be developed.  The 5 goals are:

  1. Improve the working of Spennymoor Town Council  – this includes STC organisation, teams and team working, processes, projects, controls, planning, income, spend, Councillors, Committees, meetings, interaction with organisations.

2. Implement open, relevant, timely, informative engagement with residents – this includes all communication channels through which STC engages with residents.

3. Improve the visibility of STC with residents – this includes all opportunities to engage face to face with residents.

4. Make Spennymoor a better place to live, in areas within STC control.  Locations and services include Cemeteries, Play areas, Cow Plantation, Parking, Parks, Town Hall, Art Gallery, Events, Allotments, Community Centres and Halls, Toilets.

5. Make Spennymoor a better place to live, in areas outside STC control.  Locations and services include Festival Walk, Parking, Infrastructure, Schools, Mining Museum, DLI store at Sevenhills, DurhamGate/Watson Park facilities, buildings and spaces in need of redevelopment.



STCAP 2018-19

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