In addition to Jubilee Park, the Town Council provides and maintains a number of recreation grounds and open spaces for the benefit of residents and visitors. These include areas where the community can relax, play sport, walk their dogs and otherwise enjoy the open air, as well as improving the appearance of the environment by keeping it free from litter, providing hanging baskets and maintaining flower and shrub beds.

Facilities include:

  • 3 village greens – at Byers Green, Kirk Merrington and Tudhoe Village
  • A nature reserve at Cow Plantation
  • 7 play areas
  • 7 football fields
  • A football field at Spennymoor Town FC
  • Cricket is played at Spennymoor and Tudhoe

The Town Council is also responsible for providing bus shelters, public seating, litter bins, poop scoop bins and a dog toilet at High Whitworth.

Improvements made throughout 2009/2010 included the provision of a new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) at Tudhoe Moor.