Covid-19 – Allotment update 31/3/20

Dear Resident, the Town Council is currently being inundated with requests and complaints re the allotments.  The queries are from those wishing to know how and when they can pay for their rents for the year 2020/21 – however, as the Council has previously stated it is suspending allotment rents for the financial year from 1st April 2020.  Also there are queries re vacant allotments and allotment gardens that are untidy.  At this present time, in order to adhere to government recommendations, Town Council staff are working from home or isolating.  This means that we are unable to provide a service at this point in time, so no administration is being undertaken in relation to allotment sites.  As soon as the Town Council is back up and running in this regard, we will put out a message to this effect, but at the present time please could we ask that you do not submit any further queries or complaints.

To the public in general, can I please ask that you do not take your dogs for walks on the allotment sites as there are complaints that the allotment sites are being fouled during this time, and also that children do not play on the sites.  We will be asking the police to keep an eye on the sites due to the issues being raised and the possible breach of the ‘social isolation’ requirements.