Norman Cornish lived his whole life in Spennymoor, County Durham, and most of his work depicted the people and places of his beloved home town along with colliery life, as he spent 33 years as a miner.

Before his death in August, 2014, aged 94, he requested that his sketchbooks would ‘have a life of their own’ so some of the 269 recovered from his studio in 2012 sit in glass cabinets around the room.

The backdrop features some of his largest, most famous and valuable paintings from the permanent collections of Spennymoor Town Council and The University of Northumbria.

Cllr Lawton said the facility proudly celebrates Mr Cornish’s work and records and shares the area’s social heritage with all generations.

Northumbria University’s associate dean of business and engagement for arts, design and social sciences, Dr Heather Robson, said: “Northumbria University has a strong relationship with the Cornish family- through its collection of Norman’s work, which has a permanent home at Northumbria- and we’re delighted that this will continue into 2016 and beyond, starting with this first-rate exhibition.

“We’re excited to be discussing future opportunities to support the legacy of the Cornish collection.”

The artist’s son, John Cornish, who with sister Ann features in sketches on display, said the town hall was the perfect place for a permanent exhibition as it is like a home-coming.

The houses where Mr Cornish were born, raised and lived with his wife, Sarah, and their children, were all a short distance from our art gallery.

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