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Temporary Road Closure

11 February 2019

Dear Sir/Madam

Carr Street, Spennymoor

Temporary Road Closure Notice

The County Council intend to close to vehicular traffic, from 7.00 am on Sunday 24 February 2019, a 505 metre length of Carr Street between the junction with Studley Drive in a northerly direction to the junction with Kirkdale, Spennymoor.

The closure, which is being effected by means of Notice under Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, is necessary to enable carriageway resurfacing works to be undertaken which will probably take some 2 days (7.00 am to 7.00 pm per day) to complete to be carried out to that length of road.

A diversion route will be signposted for vehicular traffic throughout the period of closure from southern point of closure north easterly on High Street, turning northerly then north easterly on Oxford Road, then northerly on Ox Close Crescent, and northerly then south westerly on Carr Lane to the northern side of the closure, and vice versa.

Yours faithfully


Paul Dixon

Network Management

Regeneration and Local Services


Art & Artists wanted!

Art & Artists wanted!

The Bob Abley Art Gallery will from April be hosting a new Norman Cornish ‘The Big Meeting’ exhibition. To compliment the exhibition the gallery have a range of art that depicts elements of the regions social history from some of the region’s top artist and individuals for sale on a commission basis.

We are still looking for additional artists or art for sale that will enhance our exhibition (you don’t have to be an artist it can be artwork that you own and wish to sell), for further information please contact the Town Hall on 01388 815276 or email info@spennymoor-tc.gov.uk


Community Grants Scheme


Community Grants Scheme

 Following the success of last year’s S137 Grant Funding Scheme, which saw almost £15,000 allocated in the area, Spennymoor Town Council is pleased to announce the launch of a new Community Grants Scheme which will be open for applications from 1st April 2019.

This new scheme, which totals £19,000, is in three parts.

Firstly the Council has automatically allocated £9,300 of the fund to organisations it supports every year such as the Town Band, Heritage Banner Group, Gala Committee, Drum Head Service and British Legion (Remembrance Parade), as well as community events such as the annual Bus Trip.

The second part of the fund is up to £5000 worth of room hire at the Town Hall which community groups and charities can take advantage of.  In order to take apply for free room hire, please contact the Facilities Manager in writing, giving details of your organisation, what resources you would require, and why.

This leaves £4,700 for grants which will be available in the sums of up to £100 for an individual, and up to £500 for a community organisation.  In order to apply for these funds, please contact the Town Hall for an application form and guidance.  Please read the guidance carefully, as applications which do not meet the criteria will not be put before the Council for consideration.

All funds, in whichever category, must be used for the benefit of the residents of the Spennymoor area, including Middlestone Moor, Tudhoe, Kirk Merrington and Byers Green.

For further information please contact us on 01388 815276.


Macmillan Joining the Dots

The Macmillan Joining the Dots service will officially launch on Thursday 24 January 2019.

The brand new service will help to improve the quality of life of people in County Durham affected by cancer, including their family, carers and friends.

Joining the Dots facilitators will be allocated to people based on where they live rather than where they are being treated, or the type of cancer that they have, placing the individual at the centre and in control of their own support. People will have facilitated access to support with non-clinical needs such as finance, work, practical issues and emotional support from a single point of access.

Almost one in two people will get cancer in their lifetime, approximately 3000 people in County Durham receive a diagnosis each year (Cancer HEA, 2017). Advances in treatment and improved survival rates mean that people with cancer are living longer and may experience similar illness patterns as those with other long-term conditions. Ultimately, this means that there are, and will continue to be, more people living with and beyond cancer in County Durham than ever before.

Cancer not only affects those living with or beyond the disease, but also on their family, carers and friends. The consequences of surviving the disease, and the often gruelling treatment regime, can impact on an individual’s physical condition, but also on their psychological, financial and social functioning. Returning to “normality” is often fraught with difficulties and support is very often required outside of the medical treatment process. Macmillan Cancer Support identified that many people living with and beyond cancer have a number of unmet needs.

It was with these unmet needs in mind that Macmillan Cancer Support invested £1 million into its strategic partnership with Durham County Council to ensure that people in County Durham are able to have their needs identified and met. Since the service’s soft launch in September, 70 people affected by cancer have been referred or have self-referred into the Macmillan Joining the Dots service.

More information on the service can be found at www.joiningthedots.info


Kirsty Wilkinson

Public Health Advanced Practitioner (Staying Well)

21 January 2019


Durham County Council – Housing Solutions

If you are aware of someone who needs housing advice, is homeless, rough sleeping, or at risk of losing their home it’s important they seek advice and support as soon as possible.  Winter can be particularly difficult for those struggling in their homes.

For example, if the person is:

  • Homeless or rough sleeping
  • Experiencing financial difficulty in paying their rent/mortgage
  • Living in unsuitable accommodation that does not meet their health needs
  • At risk of abuse or harm in the home
  • Struggling to keep warm / pay winter bills

Please refer to Housing Solutions where help and advice can be provided via the Housing Advice Line: 03000 268 000 or by Email: housingsolutions@durham.gov.uk where a full assessment of housing options will be undertaken. You can also refer via the Advice in County Durham AICD portal if you are signed up to this service http://www.adviceincountydurham.org.uk/referral.shtml.

Our offices are open from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Thursday, and from 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday. If the offices are closed and you are aware of someone street homeless you can contact us on the Out of Hours number 01388 722 538.

Alternatively, if, at any time you are aware of any rough sleepers in your area you can report them via StreetLink, a telephone line and website across England which enables the public to alert local authorities of rough sleepers in their area: www.streetlink.org.uk or 0300 500 0914.


Spennymoor Young People’s Awards 2019

We want to highlight and reward exceptional achievements of Spennymoor’s Young People that, more often than not, go unseen and unrewarded.

This is where you come in!

We’d like to ask you (‘you’ can be an adult, a group leader or a young person yourself) to nominate a young person/persons who you think deserves to be recognised for their hard work, exceptional talent or care.

Whether it’s caring for others, or giving up their time to improve the lives of people around them, young people can play a vital role in making our community a better place to live.

Please nominate a young person today!


These awards are supported by…  Spennymoor Town Council and Spennymoor Youth Council

Art, Music and Dance Award

We are looking for individuals/groups who have shown great passion and creativity in the arts. The Category includes young people who work with art, photography, film, dance, drama and music!

Sport Award

Do you know an individual or team who has shown great achievement, commitment and determination in their chosen field of sport?

They don’t have to play, they can coach or referee too!

Young People’s Choice Award

We are looking for a person who encourages young people to go that extra mile and contribute in their community. We want to recognise someone who is working to make a difference in Spennymoor, raising awareness of the positive contribution that young people make to society. This award is for anyone who you feel deserves recognition, a teacher, club leader or volunteer – let them know they’re appreciated!

 Community Champion

A young person or group of young people who have been inspirational because of the way they impact on their community through their actions and their attitudes.  They will be a young person or group who has gone to great lengths to improve the community in which they live?

For example. ‘A young person or group of young people who have had impact on the environment such as recycling, cleaning up an area of the Town, etc.’ Do you know a young person or group who support the vulnerable in the community or keeps others informed. A young person or group who has made a difference in community safety, reducing vandalism. If so, let us know!

The School’s Award*

Each school is asked to nominate one pupil who has most remarkably demonstrated the 7 Olympic/Paralympic values, of:

Respect   Friendship   Excellence   Courage   Determination   Inspiration   Equality

Whilst these values underpinned the Olympic Games as a set of principles, they can be applied to education and our lives –not just sport. These values help all of us to live and achieve our ambitions and dreams fairly. Consideration of these values will underpin the selection process for each school award.

*Each school in Spennymoor Parish will be asked to choose a pupil for an Award.

 Extra Special Achievement and Recognition Award

The Spennymoor ‘With Hope No One Shall Fail’ Extra Special Achievement and Recognition Award

Do you know a young person or young people who have gone further than most to accomplish their dreams – helped others and not themselves, accomplished something in amazing circumstances, turning lives around?

Do you know a young person or young people who have overcome personal barriers, shown an act of bravery, or shown courage and determination in the face of adversity? Perhaps they are a young parent(s), caring for their child whilst continuing to shape their own lives through study or training. Perhaps they are coping with bereavement, or disability, in a way that is inspiring or encouraging to those around them, sharing with others and giving of themselves with love and compassion.

 For further information you can contact us on 01388 815276 or email info@spennymoor-tc.gov.uk

You can download the application form here…

Nomination Form 2019


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