Snow and

Crow Printmakers

We are a local husband and wife duo specialising in the production of original limited edition prints.

Our prints are produced in small runs anywhere between 5 and 50.

All images are printed on high quality acid free paper using Caligo Safe wash inks.  This combination ensures both light fastness and usability.

The tools we use have gone unchanged for centuries with wood cutters of the 18th century evolving to include more modern advances like lino or plywood or even on occasion medium density fibreboard (MDF).  Printing presses have also evolved and we are lucky enough to own one of the best presses on the market designed and built by local engineer John Pears.  His Rollaco presses allow us to keep producing beautiful prints time and again without effort.

The images produced reflect the love of nature and the lost simplicity of a bygone era.  Linocut is the perfect medium to represent sometimes imagery in a modern yet traditional style.   The aim is to bring printmaking to the fore in the area and to show just what a joyful and diversity medium can be.  Drypoint images are designed and produced using a similar process but with the etched plated having less durability the print run is reduced.

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