Anthony James


Anthony James Hall is an artist who paints in oils.

Born in Newcastle, Anthony now lives in Northumberland.  His latest work a series of commemorating the Ship Building Industry in the North East was inspired by a documentary about the de-construction of the Industry.

During his childhood he would observe all of the men going to work at the Neptune Yard at the bottom of Walker Road where he lived.

“To share my passion and enthusiasm for life on canvas; creativity has no boundaries and visual statements are more powerful than the written word”.

Many of the paintings are inspired by childhood memories and family photographs.  The characters are the main forefront within these paintings paying homage and commemorate those men and women and their communities, which were once proud prosperous and warm; which now are sadly a wasteland of high unemployed and deprivation.

His most recent work is a series of paintings re-imaging childhood memories and a recent revelation from researching the family tree has revealed.  As well as Ship Building, Anthony has found that many of his ancestors worked in the mines.

He has sold a number of his works both locally and nationally. He has a varied interest in the subjects he paints including landscape, marine, industrial scenes and abstract. Anthony grew up in the ship building area of Walker on Tyneside, Newcastle, and his series of paintings commemorating the ship building industry in Walker and Wallsend are outstanding. The shipbuilders featured in his paintings are based on relatives and characters who worked in the Neptune Yard, and those he observed whilst growing up in the area. The facial features, caught expertly, proving the hard outdoor working life most of these men endured during all kinds of weather. A breed of men we will probably never see again on Tyneside. Anthony has a bold style and his use of colour is striking. He is capable of painting most subjects injecting his own style, interpretation and humour into his work. An artist, I think, we will hear and see more of in the future!

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