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Our Mission: “To listen to and learn from our community, and respond to the needs of our community with effective services, delivered in an efficient way”

The Spennymoor Town Council Vision Statement was first introduced in June 2014, providing a structured plan of aims and objectives for the Council to achieve a long-term vision.

This allows us to drive progress throughout the civic year, set achievable targets for the Town Clerk and senior officers, and obtain an overall indication of what position the Council should aim to achieve for each of the service areas.

The Council Vision Statement is reviewed annually at the first meeting of Full Council following the Annual Council Meeting. The current Council Vision Statement is outlined below:

Council Vision Statement 2016-17

These aims and objectives are either not yet started, in-progress, or ongoing (they will remain permanent aims of the Council). Proposed new additions to the vision statement are highlighted in green.

  1. Allotments
    a. To obtain an annual understanding of all current problems and issues across the Council’s allotment estate, from member’s allotments pre-judging sessions.
    b. To create an annual action plan for identified problems, with timescales for resolution.
  1. Planning and Highways
    a. To continue to review all relevant planning applications in a timely manner, and ensure objections are received by the Planning Authority within set deadlines.
    b. To conduct a state-of-repair review of all bus shelters and seats owned by the Town Council, and create a schedule of required improvement works.
    c. To investigate the feasibility and benefits of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Spennymoor, and if Council believes these benefits to be worthwhile, prepare a Neighbourhood Plan.
  1. Cemeteries
    a. To ensure that both cemeteries in Spennymoor are maintained to the historical levels that the public now expect.
  1. Community Centres and Village Halls
    a. To take steps where possible to plan for and ensure the long term viability of the Community Centres and Village Halls.
  1. Community Support
    a. To maintain the current level of investment in the Council’s Section 137 scheme, and explore additional methods of funding streams to support local charities and good causes.
    b. To promote further joint workings with the Spennymoor AAP and other community partners to achieve greater community projects.
  1. Cricket Clubs and Football Pavilion
    a. To further consult with the committees of both Tudhoe and Spennymoor Cricket Clubs with regard to further improvement requirements for the cricket pavilions.
  1. ICT Infrastructure and Web Presence
    a. To review annually, through the IT Working Group, the current ICT infrastructure of the Council to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.
    b. To create a new website with dedicated domain name that is fit for purpose and up to date.
    c. To create relevant social media opportunities to be used for event promotion etc.
    d. To review CCTV systems across the Council’s estate to ensure relevant and effective coverage of Town Council property.
  1. Events
    a. To organise a successful Horticulture Show including an Allotment competition and a Front Garden competition.
    b. To organise a successful Fireworks Display.
    c. To support all civic events including the Civic Sunday Service, Remembrance Day and Remembrance service, the Civic Carol Service, Drum Head Service and Town Quiz.
    d. To provide a Santa’s Grotto in conjunction with the Christmas Lights switch-on.
    e. To support the Spennymoor Gala event.
    f. To support the Durham BRASS event.
  1. Jubilee Park
    a. To maintain the current level of provision in Jubilee Park, including all current services available.
    b. To ensure successful completion of the Skate Park project.
  1. Open Spaces
    a. To conduct a review of all town council owned play areas, including safety, quality of facilities, state of repair, and current level of usage.
    b. From that review, to create a schedule of improvement works to town council owned play areas to effectively direct resources to these works.
    c. Following consultation with residents, to conduct a feasibility study into the repair of Oval Park play area.
    d. Following consultation with residents, to conduct a feasibility study into the possibilities for the development of Clyde Terrace play area.
    e. To conduct a review of all town council owned football pitches to understand necessity for pitch improvements where applicable.
  1. Town Hall
    a. To continue to support the development of the Durham Mining Museum and Bob Abley Art Gallery, and ensure facilities are fit-for-purpose
    b. To continue to support the use of our facilities by the Spennymoor Town Band, and ensure facilities are fit-for-purpose.
    c. To move to a single booking system using appropriate IT software, and cease to use paper booking systems.
  1. Training and Development
    a. To review training and development status of all staff and members
    b. To create a training and development tracker for both staff and members
    c. To identify and prioritise training and development needs
    d. To create an effective training and development schedule
  1. Other Corporate Issues
    a. To formulise a Council Constitution by unitising and reviewing all Council policies and procedures through a cross-party Constitution Working Group.
    b. To create Service Delivery Plans for each of the Council’s service areas:
    i. Allotments
    ii. Cemeteries Cremations and Burials
    iii. Community Centres and Village Halls
    iv. Events
    v. Parks and Open Spaces
    vi. Play, Recreation and Sports Facilities
    vii. Town Hall
    c. To work jointly with the Spennymoor Youth Council, including consulting the Youth Council on relevant issues.
    d. To investigate the merits of, and if appropriate, prepare the Council for, renewed accreditation in the Local Council Award Scheme.
    e. To ensure that all Town Council owned land is correctly registered and documented.
    f. To create and agree on a Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).
    g. To provide job opportunities through apprenticeship schemes.

Previous Vision Statements

Our Vision 19/09/2016

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The town of Spennymoor, and the villages of Byers Green, Kirk Merrington and Tudhoe, are in the North East of England, situated on high land above the south side of the Wear Valley between the City of Durham and Bishop Auckland.

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